Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I don't know much about the car rental business...

...but I'm pretty sure that a jittery guy who's just been in a car wreck probably isn't your ideal customer:
Police in Washington state said an allegedly inebriated driver destroyed a vehicle he had rented after totaling his own vehicle while under the influence.

David Britt, 21, was hospitalized Tuesday after slamming his Chevy Tahoe into a parked pickup truck while being pursued by Spokane Valley police officers who said they saw him fly through an intersection at an estimated 70 mph shortly after midnight.

He told police the Chevy was a rental he had been driving since he had wrecked his own pickup while driving under the influence of cocaine.

The high-speed chase ended with the Tahoe crashing through a power pole and an iron fence before striking a parked truck at the Whimsical Pig apartments.
Well, at least his drug-fueled antics resulted in him colliding with something at an amusingly-named building. If it was something like, say, an orphanage named after a local war hero, that would have been a real bummer.

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