Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Police thwart criminal mastermind

Thank God, the good people of Manhattan can sleep soundly now that this monster is once again off the streets:
Jose Andujar, 43, was arrested Friday in Times Square for selling the Obama condoms, and police said it was his third arrest for unlicensed peddling in the past year, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

A State Supreme Court justice previously ruled Andujar does not need a vending license to sell the condoms, and his products are protected under his First Amendment right to free speech.

However, police said Andujar will continue to be subject to arrest pending the outcome of the city's appeal.
Far be it from me to tell New York's Finest how to do their jobs (which is a clear signal that I'm about to do just that thing) but I can't help thinking that their time, manpower, and money might be better spent chasing down, oh, say, murderers and rapists instead of repeatedly arresting a dude selling novelty condoms.

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