Thursday, July 07, 2011

Yeah, that's a real goldmine

Damn, this is pretty low, even for teenage punks:
Children selling lemonade in the Cleveland suburbs have told police they were robbed by teenagers who pulled up in a rusty old car and threatened to beat them up.

Eleven-year-old Omar Schpeb says he and his friends got scared and handed over their money. But he tells WJW-TV he chased the car as it drove away and the teens tossed back some of the cash.
Okay, so this sounds like it was more about scaring the kids than the money. Why bother?
The kids estimate they lost at least $13.50 to the thieves, described as two guys wearing blue hoodies and skinny jeans and three teenage girls.
Well, I guess that if you're a couple of scrawny emo pussy-boys driving a rusty old junker and looking to impress some girls by being tough guys, you really have to pick your battles.

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