Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three's bigamy

I can't believe that this hasn't yet been used as the plot of a sitcom episode:
The Pierce County Sheriff's Department said Alan O'Neill, 41, was placed on administrative leave this week after prosecutors filed a felony charge alleging he was married to two women who happened to connect on Facebook recently.

The News Tribune in Tacoma, Wash., said O'Neill's current wife and the wife he supposedly walked out on three years ago met on Facebook after the first woman received a computer-generated invite to "friend" the bride he currently lives with.
Um, I've never been married and I'm not the type of person who obsessively updates his Facebook page with every little detail of my life, but if I happened to "walk out on" my wife, I might just take a second or two to take her off of my friend list.

Oh, and I think would probably also try to remember to get a divorce from her before marrying some other woman.

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