Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day

I'd like to remind everyone to get out there and exercise your right to vote today.

That is, unless you happen to disagree with me, in which case, I'd like to remind you to stay home.  I mean, there are several, um, quality movies such as Mongolian Death Worm on SyFy today. Yeah.


The Merchant said...

I'd prefer a Romney victory, but I live in California, so voting feels pointless... (That cloud's silver lining is that I saw only a handful of political ads this entire season.)

I voted anyway though, since it is important to exercise the right. I don't have much optimism about the next four years regardless of who ends up winning, but hopefully I'll be proven wrong.

Sean M. said...

As a fellow California voter, I understand. But I take solace in knowing that my vote cancelled out George Clooney's. Yours did the same for, I dunno, Nancy Pelosi, so there is that.