Thursday, January 26, 2006

It doesn't always pay to advertise

Well, not when you're selling crack, anyway.
The business cards got a response, but surely not what their owner had in mind when he had them printed up.

They came to the attention of Leavenworth police, who used them to make a drug arrest last week.

Sylvester J. Williams, 21, of Leavenworth, was charged Monday with possessing crack cocaine with the intent to sell it, Maj. Patrick Kitchens of the Leavenworth Police Department said...

He said police had heard for some time that Williams had been selling drugs in the area. "Then we heard that he was handing out business cards," the officer said. "In the course of our investigation we were fortunate to come up with one, and we gave him a call."
I would imagine a campaign based on word of mouth and, I don't know, getting people hooked on crack would probably be just as effective, if not moreso.

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