Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Life intrudes

New puppy to take care of + several work deadlines converging at once + cold that I just can't seem to shake = lack of posting.

Sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

you have a cold? hope you get better.

maggie katzen said...

aw, feel better soon, you probably said, but what kind of puppy?

Sean M. said...

Thanks maggie and anon.

The puppy's a cocker spaniel. You can find a pic of him here. And don't let the cuteness fool you--he's got the jaws of a crocodile.


maggie katzen said...

aaaaaw, i thought i remembered seeing a picture of a dog here. too cute! we've got a shepherd mix of some sort and she is cute and requires no disclaimers, unless you don't like being tackled.