Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This is just pathetic.
She tried to simply forget about it, but she couldn't. She was barraged with calls from friends who saw the page, and the humiliation and feeling of being violated caused her several sleepless nights.

"I always thought that it is something (that) only could happen to other people," Kim said.
And just what happened to her? Did someone post a nude photo of the young woman online? A sex video that she didn't know about? Nope. Somebody photoshopped a picture of her, making her look "silly."


Anyway, this is apparently an instance of "cyberviolence" in South Korea, which the article calls "a growing problem."
That includes anything from online insults to sexual harassment and cyberstalking, and complaints over such offenses more than doubled last year to 8,406, according to the Korea Internet Safety Commission. The most complaints were for slander, which tripled to 3,933 cases in 2005.
Now, sexual harassment and cyberstalking are serious problems, but if you can't handle getting flamed in the comment section of somebody's blog, you need to butch up there, Nancy.

Oh, and you should probably stay away from sites like, say, this one.

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