Thursday, March 09, 2006

I guess this means the sleepover is cancelled

It looks like the state of California is finally shutting down Michael Jackson's creepy ranch, but not for the reasons you might think.
The state barred workers from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch on Thursday and fined the singer $69,000 because the estate's workers compensation insurance policy had lapsed.

The "stop order" was issued after a worker reported Tuesday that a co-worker who had been injured did not have the state-required health coverage, said Dean Fryer, spokesman for the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Regulators determined coverage for 69 employees at the ranch in Santa Barbara County lapsed on Jan. 10, Fryer said.

"In effect, it shuts them down," Fryer said. "They're not permitting workers to be employed."
Local animal welfare agencies have been called to take care of his freaky menagerie of chimps and giraffes, but there's no word on where the bones of the Elephant Man are going to be sent.

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andy said...

you know, i never really thought about it, but i guess it would take a lot of workers to upkeep a freaky pedophile's amusement park.