Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good luck with that, buddy.

I'm sure nobody has ever tried anything like this before:
A bored Canadian bureaucrat fed up with office drudgery is seeking C$1 million ($860,000) in donations so he can quit his job and "do something that makes a difference in my life and the lives of others".

The unnamed man, who claims to have worked for a large civil service organization for over 10 years, has set up a Web site -- -- on which he explains he is desperate to escape his job.
You know, if you've held down a steady job for the last ten years without any serious blemishes on your record, you might just be able to get some good references from your bosses. References you could put on a resume. Which you could submit here, for example.
"After a while it starts to sap the energy and soul out of you and you realize that you have become a true bureaucrat ... I feel like an old curmudgeon frustrated by having to deal with paper being passed around at a snail's pace," he writes.
Sorry to repeat myself here, but you might try, you know, getting a different job. It would probably be easier than cajoling a bunch of strangers into giving you a million bucks.
Despite promising not to spend donations on "Rolls-Royce cars, 10 bedroom houses, airplanes", the bored civil servant has quite a way to go.

As of Wednesday morning, five sympathetic souls had sent in a total of just C$59.26.
With that kind of scratch, you could buy some resume paper and get your best suit dry cleaned in time for a job interview, you lazy hoser bastard.


maggie katzen said...

you're just jealous, you didn't think of it first, eh?

the code is cthqulj, wasn't that cthulu's second cousin once removed?

andy said...
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Muslihoon said...

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday! Mazel tov!

The bureaucrat's Canadian. He obvious feels entitled to his one million Canadian dollars (which is, what?, a thousand US dollars?). Americans work for money. Canadians evidently feel it falls into their lap.