Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quit yer bitching

The New York Civil Liberties Union is complaining that police lied about the circumstances surrounding the arrests of a bunch of stinky hippies, anarchists, and assorted malcontents during the 2004 GOP convention.
"We are concerned that false police statements may have tainted hundreds of cases of people arrested at the two largest mass arrests during the convention," wrote the group's attorney, Christopher Dunn.

City law officials have said the arrests were justified.

The accusations stem from a tense standoff in 2004 between police and the tens of thousands of demonstrators at the GOP convention, where President Bush accepted his party's nomination for a second term.

While demonstrations were mostly peaceful, sporadic clashes between police and protesters resulted in more than 1,800 arrests, mostly on misdemeanor charges like ey, obstructing governmental administration.
Hey, it's not like there were any threats to disrupt the city or anything--sometimes violently, right? And it's not like groups on the left were planning to disrupt the convention or anything, right? Right?
Up to 10,000 officers were deployed at the four-day event a show of force the civil liberties group called overkill and a threat to free speech. Two pending federal lawsuits claim most of the arrests were illegal.
Yeah, overkill.

Anyway, I thought these people saw getting arrested at a protest as some sort of honor or badge of courage or something. You know, it's a way to show your smelly hippie friends that you're just like Martin Luther King. But white. And with a trust fund.


andy said...

is that dragon on fire? or is it suppose to be breathing fire?

Muslihoon said...

These protesters need to be arrested for being a menace to society. They should be working, not protesting. Stupid lazy unemployed drain on society.

Such protesters are always Leftists because those on the Right are too busy working.