Monday, March 27, 2006

There's the rub

This actually sounds like a halfway decent idea:
Malaysia has opened a motorway drive-in massage parlour, with the aim of reducing road accidents by relaxing stressed-out drivers.

Drivers have to realise "the importance of stopping to have a rest", Works Minister Samy Vellu told Malaysia's Bernama news agency.

The new parlour is on the North-South Highway, which stretches the length of the Peninsular [sic] of Malaysia.
Sure, we've got rest stops along our highways, but they usually just include some stinky bathrooms, a couple of picnic tables, and wanted posters for runaways and the people who abduct them from...highway rest stops. And, yeah, getting a massage at a highway rest stop might sound a little sleazy, but think of the accidents that could be prevented by relieving stress with massages.
It was not immediately clear whether road users would have to pay for services at the massage centre.
Nor was it immediately clear whether "happy endings" would be made available.

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andy said...

that was going to be my question. about the happy ending.