Monday, March 27, 2006

What are you wearing?

Want to hear something about a bunch of pasty British people doing something in the nude? Well, too bad.
Up to a third of telephone users in the Britain make calls in the nude, with men more prone to do it without clothes than women, a survey revealed on Thursday.

Research commissioned by Britain's Post Office, which offers a fledgling home phone service, revealed that 40 percent of men admitted to nattering naked compared with 27 percent of women. The results were based on a survey of 1,500 telephone users.
Whereas, when I'm blogging, you can rest assured that I always at least have my underpants on. That's my solemn promise to you.


andy said...

wait a sec. why was this question asked in the first place? is this a question in most british surveys? "do you______ without your clothes?"
weird euros.

Muslihoon said...


You're not a closet Euro, are you?

Sean M. said...

Nope Muslihoon. It's just that the word "underpants" is undeniably funnier than "shorts" or "underwear."

Muslihoon said...

True that. :-)