Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oh. Yay.

Well, I guess we'll all just have to hold our breath for the rest of the year...
Former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said on Thursday he was seriously thinking about another White House bid in 2008 and will decide before the year is out.

"I will make that decision toward the end of the year, but I'm thinking about it hard," Kerry said in response to a question at the Latin Economic Forum at the United Nations.
Sounds like the appropriate place for Kerry to be mulling over his future plans for higher office. Wait, no it doesn't. Besides, it took valuable time away from his carping about the Bush administration's foreign policy in Latin America, which is, I guess, his patriotic duty. Or something.

Anyway, here's a little red meat for the moonbats:
"If you can get help me find 60,000 votes in Ohio ...," he joked, referring to the close race in that state on which his 2004 loss to President Bush hinged.
Ah, the plaintive sound of the Democrat sore loser. At least Kerry still has a job (of sorts). If it weren't for that, he'd probably be heading to Crazy Town with Al Gore.

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