Monday, May 01, 2006

Tom Cruise, hero

And here, everybody thought the guy was some kind of nutjob. It turns out that he's actually curing drug addicts.
The star of the upcoming Mission: Impossible III tells GQ readers to think twice before polluting their bodies with psychotropic chemicals. Also, if you're craving crack, give him a call.

"I've always found the 'If it makes me feel better, it's OK' rationale a little suspect," he says. "I think it's appalling that people have to live a life of drug addiction when I have personally helped people get off drugs."

Cruise adds that using Scientology detox protocols, he can get someone off heroin in three days.
Why didn't we previously know about his heroic public service, helping junkies kick the pipe or the smack? My guess is that he's just too damn modest.

Well, sir, let me be the first to say, "Bravo! You're not at all some kind of lunatic!"

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