Thursday, October 09, 2008

The case of the cottontail caper

I'm no expert on armed robbery, but I'm pretty sure it's best not to do it while wearing something quite this conspicuous:
Swedish police said they have arrested two people accused of plotting to rob a currency exchange office while one wore a blue bunny costume.

Authorities said the pair and five alleged assistants were arrested after the two allegedly attempted to rob the targeted office but were foiled by staff members who activated a security door, Swedish News Agency TT reported Thursday.

Witnesses said one of the suspects was dressed in a blue bunny costume and the other was wearing a crash helmet and holding a shotgun. They were both being held on suspicion of armed robbery Wednesday, police said.
If they'd managed to get away, that would have been one hell of an APB. "Be on the lookout for a man in a helmet and a six foot tall blue bunny. Be advised that they are armed and dangerous, and one may be carrying a basket full of brightly colored eggs."

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