Monday, October 20, 2008

Friends don't let friends drink and drive and drive

You almost have to feel sorry for a guy who's as big of a dumbass as this guy. Almost, but not quite:
A man has been charged with driving while intoxicated twice in the same day in upstate New York. The first arrest occurred after the man drove to state police headquarters in Millbrook early Sunday to ask for directions. Police said Joseph S. Kelley, of Canton, Mass. had a blood alcohol content of .17 percent, twice New York's legal limit.

After processing, troopers sent Kelley to sleep it off at a hotel. Police said Kelley made the cabbie stop at an ATM to get money for the fare, and ran back to the parking lot and took his SUV.
He was arrested again in a town called Stanford, and this time, they threw his drunk ass in jail.

Now, if you're going to get sauced and get behind the wheel, you're probably not a mental giant to begin with, but who gets drunk and drives to a police station to ask for directions, then gets behind the wheel again when the cops give them a break? Oh, right. A retard.

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