Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Justice is blind, not blonde

Having never dyed my hair, I don't know much about the subject, but I was under the impression that it wasn't permanent:
A Connecticut judge has given the brush-off to a blonde woman's lawsuit claiming L'Oreal Inc. ruined her social life when she accidentally dyed her hair brunette with one of its products.

Charlotte Feeney of Stratford says she can never return to her natural blonde hue, a shock that left her so traumatized she needed anti-depressants.

She says she suffered headaches and anxiety, missed the attention that blondes receive and had to stay home and wear hats most of the time.
Supposedly, this delicate flower whose self-esteem seems to have been entirely (and somewhat unhealthily) tied to the color of her hair, had alleged that she bought a box of L'Oreal blonde hair dye that actually contained brown dye, but was unable to prove it.

Wait a minute. If her hair had a "natural blonde hue," then why did she need blonde hair dye in the first place? And why couldn't she just dye it back? Oh, right. Because she was probably faking all of that bullshit, thinking she'd get a big payday.

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