Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Preventing an EUI

Do you enjoy drinking? Of course you do. Do you enjoy the internets? Well, you're here. Now, someone has come up with a way for you to enjoy the two together more responsibly:
A Swiss Google engineer said he has designed an online sobriety test aimed at preventing people from sending e-mail while drunk.

Jon Perlow said the feature, which requires users to solve five simple math questions in 60 seconds, was inspired by his own intoxicated misuse of e-mail, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

"Sometimes, I send messages I shouldn't," Perlow wrote to the newspaper. "Like … the time I sent that late-night e-mail to my ex-girlfriend that we should get back together."
Now, if only they could invent a breathalyzer for your phone...that probably could save us all some embarrassment at one time or another.

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