Thursday, November 06, 2008

What did you expect for free?

Never look a gift thingy in, I think I'll quit there:
Swedish health authorities have sparked controversy with their decision to supply free prosthetic penises that are not fully functional to transsexual men.

Ottar, a monthly magazine published by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, said the prosthetics will be available to women seeking to undergo a sex change operation starting Jan. 1, 2009, The Local reported Thursday.

The move was designed to promote equality due to the publicly funded wigs, breast implants and hair removal operations available for transsexual women.

However, some have criticized the plan because the prosthetic penises being offered by health authorities cannot be used to urinate and cannot become erect.
The article goes on to quote one such critic, a sexologist who says that they should hand out free prosthetic wangs that can get hard "because that is after all what penises do -- get erections." You can't argue with that, I guess, but I might point out that those penises tend to be on, you know, men.

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