Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hot enough for ya?

So, since we've had record temperatures for the past few days (especially yesterday and today) the fan decided to conk out, rendering the air conditioning useless. We called the air conditioning repair guy last night right after it happened, and he said he'd be out shortly after noon today. Good news, huh? A little later, he called back and asked if it would be better if he came by shortly after 8:00 a.m. instead since he had a cancellation. Hells, yeah! Much better.

Well, the good news is that he got here shortly after eight, as promised. The bad news? He would have to find a part in order to get the fan working again, and that would take a while. Meanwhile, temperatures started creeping up. Then...he got an emergency call from a nursing home. Being noble types, we sacrificed our comfort for the sake of our elders.

Long story short, the heat was fucking brutal all afternoon, and the air conditioning wasn't fixed until almost five. I don't think I've ever seen poor little Riley pant quite so much.

Stupid fan.

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