Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Their parents must be so proud

Some world records are really cool, like setting the land spped record, for instance. But most world records are pretty lame if you think about it. Case in point:
A pair of Pennsylvania men said they broke a world record by exchanging more than 217,000 text messages in a single month.

Nick Andes, 29, of Marietta, Pa., and Doug Klinger, 30, of Berks County, said they texted each other nonstop from March 7 to April 6 to break the record of 182,000 text messages sent and received by India's Deepak Sharma in 2005, The (Lancaster, Pa.) Intelligencer-Journal reported Wednesday.
And some thirteen-year-old girl is probably going to break the record next month.

Andes, the article went on to say, racked up a $26,000 bill from his carrier for the stunt in spite of having an unlimited texting plan. They waived the bill after he told someone from the company what he was up to.
"She told me it was a violation of their misuse and abuse policy," Andes said. "She wanted to know my intentions and to assure her this was a one-time thing ... They weren't as enthusiastic about this as everybody else seems to be."
Define "everybody else." Because, really, I'm not feeling it.

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