Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't have any kids, but this story makes my blood boil. Perhaps it's because I keep picturing the baby as one of my friends' little nieces. Or maybe it's just because I'm, you know, a relatively decent human being:
A Tennessee woman who allegedly borrowed a friend's baby to go shoplifting has been charged with abusing the boy by using him to assault a security guard.

Camilla Fields, 26, of Memphis is charged with both child abuse and assault, The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal reported. Police say Fields, who was holding the 2-month-old boy in a car seat, swung it at a Wal-Mart security guard last Wednesday.

The boy's mother, Stacey Cleaves, 26, was outside the store during the incident, police said. She allegedly provided false information about Fields and is charged with false reporting and child neglect.

Investigators say Fields took the baby into a bathroom and pretended to change his diaper, actually concealing stolen items.

When she hit the guard with the car seat, it fell, landing with the baby's face down. She picked it up and ran off, pushing it at the guard.
The baby, thankfully, wasn't seriously hurt. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone, though, in hoping that both of the women die painfully in a fire.

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