Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Heist of the century

See, the genius here is how they managed to get into the place by tricking the cops into arresting them on an unrelated charge:
A Kentucky man is facing charges for allegedly stealing candy, a police hat and a two hypodermic needles from an Ohio police headquarters, officials said.

Derek Kidd, 32, and his girlfriend were allowed inside the Middletown Police Department's detectives area Dec. 2 to make a phone call after having been released 45 minutes earlier on charges of disorderly conduct in an unrelated incident, the Middletown Journal reported last week.

While his girlfriend placed the call, Kidd allegedly stole the items, the police report said.

Kidd tried to conceal the police cap under his own cap, Maj. Mark Hoffman said.
Boy, the police in Middletown must be a bunch of super sleuths, foiling a criminal mastermind like that!

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