Monday, December 07, 2009

Stick to ex-girlfriends, dude

Sure, it may be tough to remember seven or more digits when you're trashed, but drunk-dialing 411 or 0 would probably get you in a little less trouble:
[Robert] Zettwoch, 57, had called Murfreesboro Police dispatch a total of 47 times since September 2008, according to MPD officer Mark Moghaddam.
The officer was dispatched to Zettwoch’s home after emergency services personnel arrived and found him drunk, but not in need of medical attention.

“Mr. Zettwoch was intoxicated and had been drinking vodka,” Moghaddam reported, adding that Zettwoch admitted he was drinking.

When Moghaddam asked Zettwoch why he had called police, he replied that he didn’t know, according to the report.

“I’m just drunk,” Zettwoch reportedly said to the officer.
I wonder who he called when they got him to jail.

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