Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to properly create a "time capsule"

1.) Fill a container with stuff from your era. Photos and/or recordings of relevant people from the time in question, along with other items such as fashionable items of clothing or popular gadgets are good items to include. Actually, anything that you feel is representative of your era that will fit in the container will do. Be creative.

2.) Bury or encase your capsule somewhere that will be relevant to people in the future. While future people who have nothing in common with you may find this interesting, people who have some kind of cultural continuity with you might bother to dig this up before a few centuries have passed.

3.) Tell someone where it's located. If you don't do this, the search for your time capsule becomes a scavenger hunt or an archaeological dig. Both of which are fun, but they're missing the point.

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