Wednesday, July 07, 2010

He's gonna need to say a shitload of Hail Marys

Heaven knows I'm not exactly the most pious or upright guy in the world by a longshot, but dude. Or, I should say, but, Father:
The Rev. Kevin J. Gray was a popular priest who appeared to live humbly, foregoing a car and walking to Mass from another parish where he lived so that a Catholic charity could use his space at the rectory. Parishioners thought he had cancer and admired how he helped immigrants in his largely poor parish in Connecticut.

But after a routine audit of the church's finances turned up discrepancies, authorities began a criminal investigation that they say unraveled a secret double life of male escorts, strip bars and lavish spending on the finest restaurants, luxury hotels and expensive clothing, financed with money stolen from the parish.

"About a million," Gray told authorities without hesitation when asked how much he took from the church account, according to his arrest affidavit.
Seriously, was he trying to commit all of the Deadly Sins or something? I mean, it's not like he killed anyone (that we know of) but there are a bunch of details about a lot of the scummy stuff he allegedly did at the link.

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