Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Creepy Eurotrash weirdos disappointed

Gee, who could have possibly foreseen that a German restaurant openly advertising that they serve human flesh−which I'm pretty sure isn't legal anywhere in the western world−would turn out not to be real?
A Web site for a Berlin restaurant offering "cannibal" cuisine has been revealed as a hoax perpetrated by vegetarians to highlight the "evils of meat-eating."

The German Vegetarian Society, or Vebu, revealed Tuesday the Web site for restaurant Flime, which requested diners "donate any part of their body" for cooking and sought the services of an "open-minded surgeon," was a hoax to raise awareness of the "evils of meat-eating," Britain's The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday.
It turns out, though, that they actually do serve fava beans with a nice Chianti.

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