Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So you think you can't dance?

I'm not exactly sure why, but somehow it just makes sense that a contest like this was held in Germany:
A group of four German high school students took first prize in the final of the Ugly Dance World Cup held in Hamburg this weekend.

The winners from the northwestern German town of Vechta competed against nine other teams from Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

"They convinced with epic ugliness, horrible appearance and their signature move - the Shy Dance," according to the competition's official website.
Am I the only one who's picturing a variation of Mike Meyers' "Dieter" character from Saturday Night Live writing that?

Here's some more Euro-weirdness from the organizers of this bizarre human puppet show:
"It's so easy to dance nicely, but ugly dancing is an art. We like to call it "ugly aesthetics," they said.
I personally was unaware that it's "easy to dance nicely." Anyone who has personally had the misfortune of seeing me attempt to move my limbs while music is paying can attest to that.

You know, I may just have a shot at this thing next time it rolls around...

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