Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Next time, go to the Better Business Bureau

I really don't know anything about patronizing hookers, but when a couple of them rip you off, I'm pretty sure that's not something you want to tell anybody about, least of all the cops:
Investigators said Ryan McNames, 19, of Columbia, told them he offered two women $60 if one would show him her chest and the other would perform oral sex on him, but they took his money and left after completing only the chest-showing portion of the agreement, the Columbia Daily Tribune reported Wednesday.

Police said McNames asked an officer to contact the women and get at least $40 of his money back. They said McNames admitted to knowing his actions were illegal.
I guess the verbal contract he had worked out with the hookers had a sliding price scale, where the flashing was twenty bucks and the beejay was forty. The article does not mention whether or not he was able to get his refund, but I'm guessing that no, he did not.

He did, however, bond out of jail for $500, so, money well spent, huh?

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