Thursday, November 04, 2010


We all make mistakes, but most of them don't involve misplacing a big ol' box full of illegal drugs:
Authorities worked Wednesday afternoon to literally get drugs off the street after a canine handler realized he may have lost about 28 grams of methamphetamine last week along Highway 22.

The canine handler left a black box ­— which contained the drug and has white lettering that says “METH” on it — on his bumper and drove away after a training exercise in the area Oct. 27, sheriff’s Sgt. Lloyd Funk said. When the handler, a Teton County Sheriff’s deputy, realized Monday evening that the drugs were missing, he immediately notified his sergeant, Funk said.

Sheriff’s deputies used dogs to search a small area Monday night and conducted additional searches Tuesday, Funk said.
The box apparently hasn't turned up yet, but if you stumble across it and think "Jackpot!" think again. It turns out that possession of that amount is a felony. Also, thinking that when you find a box full of meth means you're not in a very good place in your life.

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