Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I realize that different countries have different morals and traditional customs that we're all supposed to respect and everything, but, damnit, this is one of the hugest violations of human rights that our generation has ever seen:
Sri Lankan newspapers on Tuesday published pictures of mainly women police said had acted in locally produced pornographic films, part of a court-ordered crackdown and the latest sign of growing social conservatism.

Police have identified 83 people they say have acted in the films found on websites, and got a court order to have media outlets publish their pictures to help locate the suspects.

"This is illegal and we need them to be identified for investigations," police spokesman Priyashanth Jayakody said.
Okay, so my introduction to this was just a tad hyperbolic, but seriously, you'd think a country like Sri Lanka, which is coming off a civil war and is hardly an economic powerhouse, would have other, more important priorities.
There is a movement within a faction of President Mahinda Rajapaksa's government to ban alcohol...
Okay, this means war.

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