Monday, December 06, 2010

Have a very merry minimalist Christmas

Now, this is just some lazy-ass bullshit right here:
The artist behind this year's Christmas tree at the Tate Britain gallery in London said he left the tree bare to show how it is "naturally beautiful."

Artist Giorgio Sadotti said he decided to leave the Norwegian spruce undecorated, save for mirrored silver cards promoting a Jan. 6 concert at its base, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

"I am showing what I believe to be a naturally beautiful object," Sadotti said. "When you see a tree in the forest you don't think 'that tree's naked, it needs a bit of tinsel.'"
No, you don't think anything like that, because what you're looking at there is just an ordinary tree growing in a forest, not one which a prestigious museum had shipped in and then hired you, an artist, to decorate for Christmas. You know, with decorations.

I don't know if this Sadotti guy has kids, but I'd hate to be one of them on Christmas morning.

"When you see a tree in the forest, kids, you don't expect to find gift-wrapped toys underneath it, right? Right? Why are you looking at me like that?"

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