Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me...

...I guess I'll eat some braaaaaaainnnnnns.
Zombies, the ugly cousin of more popular creatures such as werewolves and vampires, are experiencing a boost of fame that will finally get them some attention, according to Otto Penzler.

The editor of a recent anthology devoted solely to zombies believes they have been overlooked for too long.

"Vampires that we've seen from 'Dracula' to Anne Rice's Lestat, to the Stephenie Meyers characters -- they're well-dressed. They're articulate. They're educated. They have good manners. They just happen to have this little quirk of biting people in the neck and drinking their blood," Penzler said in a telephone interview.

"Zombies are really ugly; they don't look good in evening clothes. They're a different thing altogether. They're more extreme."
I'm no expert on zombies with a book to peddle or anything, but I'm gonna go ahead and disagree on that last point. Vampires supposedly have all kinds of powers and werewolves transform from ordinary humans into vicious beasts, whereas zombies just kind of shamble around, eating people who are too slow, clumsy, or stupid to get out of their way or blow their heads off from a safe distance. Sure, they have strength in numbers, but none of that sounds terribly "extreme" to me.

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