Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Slap on der wrist

So, some German guy was out celebrating Halloween dressed as Yoda, and that's not even the part of this story I'm going to focus on...
Investigators said the 42-year-old Weiterstadt man, whose name was not released, had apparently been out celebrating Halloween Saturday night, dressed as the "Star Wars" character, and struck a pedestrian while driving home early Sunday morning, the Berliner Kurier reported Monday.
Well, since he hit somebody, it would clearly be in poor taste to make a Yoda syntax joke here (you know, like "Drive drunk, friends do not let friends, young Skywalker") but that's still not the part of the story that I'm interested in...
Police said the driver was stopped about two minutes after striking the pedestrian, who sustained minor injuries, and was forced to walk home when officers took his license.
Okay, there it is. The guy is driving drunk, clips a pedestrian, and the cops just make him (well, let him, really) walk home? People sometimes complain that the penalties for drunk driving around here aren't harsh enough, but that kind of incident would at least land you in the drunk tank overnight.

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