Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Can you blame him?

Most people aren't fans of jury duty, and this guy, while he may not be very bright, appears to be no exception:
Curtis Lemons was supposed to report for jury duty in a drunk driving case. Instead, according to authorities, the 50-year-old Cape Girardeau man skipped the jury duty so he could drink himself.

Lemons received a summons to appear as a prospective juror in the case. When he didn't show up on Monday, a bailiff called his house. Lemons told the bailiff he was too busy to come to court.

Associate Circuit Judge Scott Thomsen instructed officers to bring Lemons to the courthouse. Deputies say they detected a strong odor of alcohol on him. Lemons was held in custody while the DWI trial went on.
While I'd certainly rather hang around at home getting blitzed than show up for jury duty, I hardly think it'd be worth the $250 contempt of court fine the judge slapped him with.

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