Monday, October 06, 2008

There are better ways to win an argument

Okay, I've read through this story four or five times, and I can't make any sense out of it:
A dog eating a watermelon helped cause a Boston man to repeatedly stab himself to prove to his brother he wasn't afraid of pain, police say.

A police report said the two unidentified brothers got into an argument this week after a dog belonging to one of the men consumed a watermelon owned by his brother, the Boston Herald said Thursday.

Tuesday's argument over the missing watermelon escalated into a shouting match between the siblings that allegedly caused one brother to repeatedly stab himself in order to show he didn't care if he got hurt, police say.
The other one barricaded himself into a room, saying he didn't want to go to jail for stabbing his brother, which, seeing as how he, you know, hadn't stabbed his brother, wasn't really an issue anyway.

The article doesn't say one way or another, but I'm guessing that either a lack of medication or a little too much "medication" was involved in this incident.

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