Friday, November 25, 2005

It must have been militant Mormons

A couple of liquor stores up in Oakland were trashed this week by "about a dozen men wearing suits and bow ties." The men apparently told the muslim owners of the liquor stores that they should not be selling alcohol, and that they were "poisioning" their neighborhoods.

Now, I know what you're thinking: suits with bow ties, the religious angle - this must be the work of the Nation of Islam, right? Well, slow down, there:
In a phone call to KRON 4 News, a spokesman for the group associated with Minister Louis Farrakhan, said the Nation of Islam had reviewed the security tape and cleared its members of any wrongdoing.
Now, I realize that's not a direct quote, but the spokesman doesn't exactly say that Nation of Islam members weren't involved in the attacks, does it? I mean, perhaps the group doesn't consider attacks on muslims selling booze to be "wrongdoing," per se.


Anonymous said...

for some reason, the title of this post sent me into giggles. i must not be getting enough sleep.

Sean M. said...

I don't know, the idea of militant Mormons is pretty funny, whether you've been sleeping well or not.

Muslihoon said...

This is quite funny, and I am one of these so-called "Mormons." (We prefer "Latter-day Saints" but whatever floats your boat.) :-)

The idea of militant Mormons is quite amusing.

Just like all the booze we're hoarding in our temples, with our despoiled virgins and shorn horns. ;-)

I like your blog, Sean!

Sean M. said...

Thanks for the compliment, Muslihoon. But I think I'll stick to saying "Mormons" just the same. Less typing, you know.