Monday, December 19, 2005

Crazy Aunt Mary

NewsBusters writes that Mary Mapes is "Still Clueless," pointing to a letter she wrote to the New York Times Book Review.

Mapes writes that the "bogus questions about typeface used to 'discredit' CBS's Bush/Guard story were a fraud." Um, no. The "memos" were a fraud. The best defense of them that anybody is still clinging to is that they were "fake but accurate."

Anybody but Mary, that is. She insists that, "In fact, ALL the evidence supported the documents' genuineness and that holds true today."

This isn't a woman who's just clueless. She's delusional. She's Ahab, and the Bush Guard story is her White Whale.

Seriously, something like this can't be too far off.

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