Saturday, December 10, 2005

Honoring the legacy of a Man of Peace™

Nobel Peace Prize nominee and convicted multiple-murderer Stanley "Tookie" Williams is set to die on Monday if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger does not grant him clemency--something no California Governor has done since 1967. If Tookie should get the hot shot he so richly deserves, plans are apparently already being made for a memorial tribute in his honor:
Authorities in Los Angeles are concerned about possible rioting if the co-founder of the Crips street gang, Stanley "Tookie" Williams, is executed as planned.


Fearing a repeat of the 1992 race riots in which 52 people died, police, schools and community groups have been told to prepare for violence if clemency is not granted.
Ah, extortion, violence, and mayhem. A fitting way to remember one of the founding members of the Crips.

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Muslihoon said...

So, uses violence to support a man of peace? Wow. Never thought Islamist (We are not violent! Retract your statement or we will behead you!) tendencies were that widespread!

(And the sad part is that many Muslims won't see the hypocrisy in the above statement.)