Wednesday, December 21, 2005

They forgot "punchline"

Guess which anti-semitic dupe of the pro-fascist crowd made Time magazine's list of "People Who Mattered" as the "spiritual leader of the antiwar camp" and "a folksy celebrity: a hero to some and a villain to others"?

Need a hint?

Via Michelle Malkin, who notes some pretty heavy irony.

Also of possible interest: A certain super-secret double naught spy in her jammies!

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Muslihoon said...

They seem to have included bad people and good people, at first review at least. I would consider her lumped in with the bad people, like Wilson, Plame, Ahmadinezhad, etc. They have had an impact. However, I think TIME would not agree with my categorization.

Strange how, as you said, they completely ignore her anti-Semiticism. Of course, some of her ridiculous comments ("US out of New Orleans," for example) are also ignored.

I'm a bit unhappy they didn't chose someone who made more of an impact, for Person(s) of the Year. Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, Schiavo, Bush, Rummy, Rice, Cheney, Rove. Even al-Zarqawi (yemach sh'mo), because of all the destruction he has inflicted, would have been better than whom they chose.