Thursday, February 23, 2006

I hope you haven't eaten recently

Because this story might just make you puke if you did:
Customers going in and out a Get-Go convenience store in suburban Pittsburgh Thursday didn't know what to think when they saw police activity there.

But, what occurred at this mini market has everyone baffled.

Police say a man came in to the store and asked a female clerk if she could use the store microwave to warm up something he had wrapped in a paper towel.

In and of itself, that's not an unusual request.

But, concerned about an unusual odor from the oven, the clerk opened the microwave to check on the item and found a severed human penis, wrapped up in a paper towel.
The clerk called the cops, but the guy ran away, and apparently hasn't yet been found. I'm assuming this guy wasn't involved since he's probably still locked up in Germany. At least I hope he is.

But whoever did it, you might want to use the microwave at home next time you feel like heating up somebody's crank.

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Anonymous said...

come on. how can you be so elitist? i mean sometimes you got to go out and microwave your severed penis. it probably tastes better that way.