Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rep. Zsa Zsa

Everybody's favorite crazy congresswoman is back in the news.
According to sources on Capitol Hill, U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) punched a Capitol police officer on Wednesday afternoon after he mistakenly pursued her for failing to pass through a metal detector.

Members of Congress are not required to pass through metal detectors.

Sources say that the officer was at a position in the Longworth House Office Building, and neither recognized McKinney, nor saw her credentials as she went around the metal detector.

The officer called out, “Ma’am, Ma’am,” and walked after her in an attempt to stop her. When he caught McKinney, he grabbed her by the arm.

Witnesses say McKinney pulled her arm away, and with her cell phone in hand, punched the officer in the chest.
Drudge says that the Capitol Police are waiting for Congress to adjourn to arrest McKinney, but that no charges have been filed so far.

And take a guess what she says is responsible for the whole incident. If you guessed racism, well, you've won yourself a cigar!
A statement attributed to McKinney has been released on the Internet, where she allegedly claims to have been harassed by Capitol Hill Police.

The statement's writer says that she has been harassed by white police officers she says do not recognize her due to her recently changed hairstyle.

"Do I have to contact the police every time I change my hairstyle? How do we account for the fact that when I wore my braids every day for 11 years, I still faced this problem, primarily from certain white police officers," the statement says.
The article doesn't say whether or not the "white police officer" was Jewish, but it would hardly surprise me. In fact, I bet they're all Jews.


Muslihoon said...

This is utterly ridiculous. It enrages me when people are so paranoid about race.

Any time someone says he/she says been a victim of racism, I refuse to believe it unless he/she can prove the other person's intent was racist. And even then I may not care. Minorities need to grow a thicker skin. And I say this as a minority.

Whatever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"? Have we become a nation of whining, sniffling crybabies?

Sorry. This issue can get me worked up.

Sean M. said...

Have we become a nation of whining, sniffling crybabies?

The short answer is yes. Yes we have.