Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rick Monday, patriot

Take that, hippies!

Thirty years ago today, when I was little more than a month old, the Chicago Cubs were playing a game here in L.A. against the Dodgers when a father and son jumped out of the stands and into the outfield, where they tried to burn an American flag. Cubs center fielder Rick Monday, who would later play for the Dodgers (and is currently one of their broadcasters) saw what they were up to and managed to grab the lighter fluid-soaked flag away from the protesters. Afterward, the crowd spontaneously broke into "God Bless America."

You can read more about the incident (and hear Vin Scully's play-by-play account of it--yay INTERNET!), which was recently named one of baseball's 100 greatest moments by the Hall of Fame, here and here.

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Anonymous said...

i stumbled across this yesterday on my way looking for something else. i do like that caption though.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome, Sean. Thanks much.