Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Junk in the dunk

The lesson here? Always wear underpants when participating in a sporting event.
A young New Jersey man is sticking to his legal guns in a lawsuit against his high school yearbook that shows his genitals in a basketball photo.

Although Tyler Bennett, 22, has so far been turned away in his bid for damages by a New Jersey trial court and appeal court, the new graduate of Montclair State University has filed a petition in New Jersey Supreme Court claiming he suffered psychological harm due to the inclusion of the photograph in the 2001 Colts Neck, N.J., high school yearbook.

In it, he is shown making an elongated jump to score a basket. Bennett claims it also clearly shows his genitals in the absence of underwear, which he claims has left him scarred.

"I was shocked, embarrassed and upset," Bennett told the New York Post. "I remember a student taunting me and asking, 'How's it hanging?'"
Right. Because it's sooooooo unusual for one high school student to say that to another. And I can see being embarrassed by people getting a look at my nethers, I think "scarred" is a bit of a stretch.

But seriously, wear some underpants. I mean it. Unless you're a dirty, dirty girl. In that case, it's okay.

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