Friday, October 20, 2006

He likes them to lie still

Having trouble meeting girls? This probably isn't the best way to do it:
A Detroit man with a history of smashing business windows to grab female mannequins has been arrested for the latest indulgence of his fetish.

Ronald A. Dotson, 39, was arrested Oct. 9 after police say he smashed a window at a cleaning-supply company in suburban Ferndale to get at a female mannequin dressed in a black and white French maid’s uniform. A judge ordered him Thursday to undergo a psychiatric examination at the request of his defense attorney, Edward Cohn. Doctors will determine whether Dotson is competent to stand trial on a charge of attempted breaking and entering.
I don't care what anybody's told you, Ron, this was just a movie. And not a very good one at that.
Dotson had been out of prison for less than a week when he was caught. His erotic pursuit of mannequins over the past 13 years has led to at least six convictions for breaking and entering and a stint in state prison, police say.

“He told his parole officer he was going to buy a mannequin so he didn’t have to do these break-ins anymore,” said Ferndale police detective Brendan Moore. “Apparently that didn’t work out.”
Apparently not. Maybe it's time for him to kick things up a notch.

(My sincere apoligies to Emeril for that. Actually, I apologize to everybody for that. That's just where my mind immediately went.)

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