Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Several people" ruin it for the rest of us

A lemon tree? A damn, filthy lemon tree? I'm outraged!
A shower gel advert which featured a very young-looking woman sitting naked under a lemon tree was slated by Britain's advertising watchdog Wednesday which ruled it "offensive and inappropriate."

Although the model in the television advert for Original Source shower gel was an adult, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said she might be taken for a child by some people.

"Because some viewers were likely to believe that the model was a child, we considered the sexual overtones and nudity in the ad were offensive and inappropriate."
Okay, so the lemon tree wasn't really the part that people would be offended by. But lemme get this straight—if they'd used an older-looking model things would've been peachy keen, nudity and all? Apparently, yes.
Several people had complained about the ad because the model looked under 16 and was shown in what they considered to be a sexually provocative way.
A nude young woman is sexually provocative? Well, I guess so, if you're a straight guy or a lesbian. Otherwise, nope. No problem there. Except, it seems, for "several people" with weird hang-ups or who, I guess, like ogling naked grannies. Not that I'm judging them or anything.

Of course, the company that produced the ad is protesting its innocence.
Defending the advert, PZ Cussons said they had wanted to portray the naturalness of their product and that the question of how old the model looked was subjective.
Right. Because it's not like sex sells or anything.

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