Friday, December 01, 2006

Junk, food

It's bad enough, having to work at a fast food joint, but when some guy pulls a stunt like this, well, that just adds to the suck.
A teen accused of ordering from at least three fast food drive-thrus nude faces an indecent exposure charge. David Gatton, 18, of Columbia City, was found in the parking lot of a McDonald's by a sheriff's deputy after police received a call that the teen had been nude when he ordered from his car at the Arby's drive-thru, police said.


Sgt. Mike Engle of the Whitley County Sheriff's Department passed the car Tuesday night in Columbia City, 20 miles west of Fort Wayne. Engle said he turned around to stop the car and saw that Gatton had driven into the McDonald's lot.

When Engle got to the car, Gatton was putting his clothes back on. Police said Gatton had a clothed male passenger in the car and the pair had been making the stops as part of a joke. Gatton faces a misdemeanor charge.
Well, I guess the joke's on him, because now everybody knows that he was driving around naked with another dude. And that's kinda gay.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Well, the gay part, anyway. The exposing yourself to minimum wage earners part is pretty wrong.

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