Friday, August 10, 2007

Leave the goat alone

Something very, very wrong is going on in the state of Washington:
A man accused of having sex with a goat is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday on a animal cruelty charge. Charging papers say a witness saw 63-year-old Arthur Lawton having sex with a goat May 8th in a barn at Eatonville's Pioneer Farm Museum where he worked.
Notice the past tense there. He "worked" at the farm. Somehow, I doubt he's still employed there.
Lawton said he was trying to milk the goat.
Now, I've never milked a goat personally, but I don't think he was doing it right. Nope. Definitely not the right way to milk a goat.
Lawton missed a scheduled arraignment on August 3rd but turned himself in last night to Pierce County sheriff's deputies.

He's the second person charged in the county since the Legislature made bestiality a crime in response to the fatal injury to a man having sex with a horse in Enumclaw.
Okay, people, when you have to enact a new law because people are having sex with animals, you've got a serious problem. Just lay off the sex with animals folks, huh? What do you say?

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