Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just a drunk a drunk of burning love

I can't think of many places where it's appropriate too show up drunk and dressed like Elvis, but court sure as hell isn't one of them:
A central Kentucky judge had a suspicious mind when an Elvis Presley impersonator showed up for court apparently drunk and sporting sunglasses and a rhinestone-studded shirt with a scarf draped around his neck.

County Attorney Brian Goettl said that as a result, the judge had David Blaisdell, 64, tested for intoxication and sentenced him to three days in jail for contempt of court when it was determined that the man's blood-alcohol level was nearly twice that at which a person in Kentucky is considered legally drunk.
The article goes on to say that he told the judge that he'd had "a few drinks the night before," by which I guess he meant "several jugs of moonshine."

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